Fleet and Accident Prevention Program


Veloce Logística's fleet has more than 500 equipment including
siders, box trucks, open wagon trucks and bitrens, always
renewing itself with the options most aligned to the logistic
needs of the market. In addition, we have the support of
power horses, trucks, flatbed semi-trailer trucks, 3/4 and
utility vehicles from over 300 exclusive service providers.

Accident Prevention Program (APP)

Veloce understands that taking care of the service providers that carry our brand and our customers’ products is a fundamental part of a quality logistics service.

Through the Accident Prevention Program, we engage our own drivers and outsourced drivers with the understanding that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Among the current initiatives of the program, we highlight:

  • Continuous monthly training in partnership with SEST / SENAT
  • Dialogs on safety at the beginning of every working day
  • Quality of life program with rapid health tests and vaccination campaigns
  • Periodic random breathalyzer tests
  • Newspaper and wall with information relevant to professionals update, especially on safety

The APP complies with annual action plans with follow-up indicators as a basis for reevaluation and planning of future cycles.

We also have relationship actions with our service providers, such as:

  • Opportunity club
  • Collective insurance policy
  • Destaq Award
  • Agreement with gas stations
  • Internal filling

In addition, we hold various events aimed at service providers and their families throughout the year in our units, prioritizing the appreciation of professionals and the integration of their personal surroundings with their activities.