Veloce recognizes its human capital as the essence of its activity. So it combines experienced professionals of the logistics sector and young talents, valuing the diversity of people and ideas. We believe that the sum of distinctive features and visions enables us to offer both innovative and effective solutions, enabling our endless possibilities.
Our environment prioritizes an open leadership model and free space for ideas. Our leadership development, mentoring and succession programs seek to realize the potential of each of our people.
The appreciation and recognition of professionals in all areas, whether in administration and operations, reward everyone's work for the success of our services.

The result: in our latest atmosphere survey,

96% of people said they were proud to be part of Veloce, and 94% recommend

Veloce as a good place to work!

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Internship Program

We want to be an attractive company for future professionals in various areas. That's why we conduct an Internship Program every year, assessing hundreds of undergraduates and offering the most talented people the opportunity to start their long-awaited career in their field of study here and to go further, developing technical skills and interpersonal skills, preparing to compete for future positions. We seek young people who share with us the desire to build a continuously innovative company, a logistics reference in Brazil and South America.
In the Internship Program one learns their specialization of study in practice, with development guided by experienced professionals.

Young Apprentice Program

Just as we value experienced people, we remember that we all need a first chance to learn and grow. Our doors are open to 14-24 year olds who wish to have their first job. Our professionals are prepared to teach what we know and also open to hear and assimilate what the new generations have to offer.
The Young Apprentice journey is up to 6 hours daily, with approximately 600 hours of theoretical training.