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Sustainable Logistics Solutions

Veloce Logística was born focusing in sustainability. We understand that practicing sustainable logistics is to understand the rights and expectations of all parts involved in our activities (employees, clients, suppliers, stockholders, government, market, and society).

It is our duty to follow the most rigorous national and international Quality and Environmental requirements. We are committed to promote actions of continuous improvement in all our processes, with effective results.

When ending its first year of activity, Veloce implemented the Sustainability Management System (SGS in 2010 and  2011) in order to minimize its social-environmental impacts and fulfill the demands of our clients and the society.

Our process resulted in the achievement, in 2011, of the Certification ISO 9001 – Quality Management System  and ISO 14001- Environment Management System.

It is also part of the Veloce´s Sustainability Management System the Pubic Record of Greenhouse Gas (GHR) Emission Inventory in the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program. This is the most used methodology throughout the world to measure and follow the company´s evolution in relation to environmental impacts.


See which were the actions that made Veloce transport more polluting less:


Attainment of international certifications of quality ISO 9001 and environment ISO 14001

After rigorous independent auditing process, Veloce obtained the international certifications ISO 9001 – Quality Management System and ISO 14001 – Environment Management System, aligned with the requirements from the best and largest companies in Brazil and the world.

Politica de Qualidade

Quality Policy

Searches for the full understanding of the requirements and the satisfaction of our clients.

Continuously improve the sustainability management system, focusing in the efficacy, competitiveness and return to the public of interest.

Engage everybody in the continuous improvement of our processes.

Commit with a management that values competences, performance and ethics in business.



Politica Ambiental

Environment Policy

Searches for the continuous improvement of the environment performance and minimization of significant environment impacts.

Meet the legal and contractual requirements, applicable to the environmental aspects of our business.

Engage collaborators, suppliers, partners, and clients in the continuous search of environmental solutions.

Position itself ahead of the weather changes, managing the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG).



Inventory of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As one of the country´s first companies in the sector to publicly record its inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program (the most internationally used tool to measure and manage these emissions), Veloce started its journey to improve its statistics and corresponding data survey.

View our last published inventory:

Capacidade de Carga


The extension of trail trucks for international transportation for 15.4 meters of length, allowed the increase of the cargo capacity from 28 pallets to 30 pallets, allowing an increase in the transported volume per kilometer driven between 5% and 7%.



Investment in technology, with the acquisition of a more effective Traveling Route Planner.



Fuel better efficacy and with lower CO² emission

Implementation of private gas stations, offering diesel with less pollutants and 3% more economic, with differentiated prices for contracted transporters  – besides reducing the maintenance costs.

Business seminar

Personnel Training

In order to aware suppliers, mainly outsourced transporters, drivers, and direct collaborators, about the company´s Environmental Policy and attention with the environment, several meetings about sustainability were held  as well as some specific trainings in Defensive and Economic Driving.

Banner Sustentabilidade

Fleet Renewal

Created the "Clube de Oportunidades" - it is a group of collective buying, where the Veloce brings together major  trucks manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and service companies to offer products on special conditions to transport cargo companies and independent drivers. With this action, there was an effective reduction in the average age of our truck fleet operations.

Earth in water

Optimization of the Natural Resources usage

Installation of an effluent treatment station to reuse the water in the trail truck washer.

Using water coming from reuse, and also from the rain, to wash trail trucks, the consumption of treated water to clean each vehicle has been reduced in 660 liters to 140 liters, in average.


premio destaq veloce

Premiação dos Parceiros

Criação do Prêmio Destaq, entregue aos melhores fornecedores avaliados por critérios de Creation of the Destaq Award, granted to the best suppliers evaluated by Performance, Sustainability, and Quality criteria. In relation to sustainability, initiatives to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases - such as recognition and scoring of  renewal and maintenance of fleet, certifications, or sustainability awarding and social responsibility programs.

The awarding event itself,  has all emissions of greenhouse gases compensated. I.e., an action performed with carbon neutralization.

Sem título

Green Seal

Daily inspections by sampling in order to hinder the circulation of vehicles out of acceptable CO2 emission standards;


Containment of Oil Leakage

Containment carts are placed under all trucks parked in the Diadema Cargo Center, to avoid that possible leakages from vehicles contaminate the soil.

reciclagem certa

Segregation of Recyclable Residues

All solid residues produced by the company are segregated and sent for recycling or adequate disposal.


Nature-Friendly Company Program

Collaborators are instructed to bring their kitchen oil from home in order to dispose in specific collector. This oil is forwarded to the production of Biofuel.

Responsabilidade Social


Veloce Logística understands that the company´s social responsibility is comprised of returning benefits to the society, which offer us support for the development of the business and the country.

Besides following its tax obligations, through taxes and fees that finance public services, and generating direct and indirect jobs, together with all those involved in its production cycle, Veloce has contributed with material resources allocated to the communities close to the acting area.

In Diadema, where our administrative and operational headquarters are located, Veloce has donated 67 computers to the City Hall  and two assistance institutions in the city.

Hence, the company offers one more collaboration to include the low-revenue population in the Information Age, in which the contact with the technology and the online communication networks are essential to the individual and social development.



Besides the awards received due to its performance in sustainability, Veloce is now publicly recognized by its social responsibility work. The company was certified, in June, by SODIPROM (Apprentice Formation Center of Diadema) due to its project of training young people to the labor market.

The Veloce´s Young Apprentice Program, which started in November 2013, has just hired three participants that had good performance and commitment in the last months.