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Constituted in 2009, Veloce Logística is a Mitsui group company, one of the largest companies in the world, present in more than 68 countries and with more than 40 thousand employees. Leader in cargo road transportation between Brazil and Argentina, Veloce also renders services to all logistic chain, as  milk run, cross docking, internal movement, storage management, package control, reverse logistics, domestic and international transportation, and international documentation.


To be the most admired Brazilian company in the logistics area, by means of long term relationships with clients that look for operational excellence and competitive advantage.


To offer ideal logistics solutions to clients and provide services that contemplate the continuous improvement, innovation, ethics, and sustainability.


Heath and safety, ethics, innovation, efficacy, meritocracy, and sustainability.

Engineers over blueprint

  • 276 14-meter trailer truck
  • 10 Operational Bases
  • 275 Employees
  • 6 Clients



   Beginning of Veloce Logística | August 2009




  • 375 14-meter trailer truck
  • 10 Operational Bases
  • 346 Employees
  • 10 Clients



   Beginning of the Sustainability Management System implementation


  • 350 14-meter trailer truck| 125 15-meter trailer truck
  • 20 Operations Bases
  • 386 Employees
  • 16 Clients



   Veloce Mitsui Group Company | December 2011


  • 350 14-meter trailer truck| 125 15-meter trailer truck
  • 25 Operational Bases
  • 440 Employees
  • 22 Clients



7 Awards from clients and the market

Sem título

  • 274 14-meter trailer truck | 201 15-meter trailer truck
  • 27 Operational Bases
  • 820 Employees
  • 22 Clients







  • 244 14-meter trailer truckRow of business professionals clapping.
  • 206 15-meter trailer truck
  • 15 truck box
  • 11 Operational Bases
  • 658 Employees
  • 30 Clients
  • 244 14-meter trailer truck2014_300x200
  • 206 15-meter trailer truck
  • 15 truck box
  • 15 Operational Bases
  • 344 Employees
  • 30 Clients
  • 225 14-meter trailer truck2015_300x200
  • 190 15-meter trailer truck
  • 15 truck box
  • 15 Operational Bases
  • 383 Employees
  • 30 Clients

Optimization Software

Route Planner

  • New drawings
  • Better productivity
  • Better customer assistance
  • Control of the distance covered
  • Helps in controlling the GHG emission


Cargo Optimizer

  • Planning
  • Adaptation of vehicle cargo

Visibility Via Web

  • Web environment for following up operations
  • Availability 24x7, with online and real time information

Full-Time Monitoring

  • H24 department responsible for monitoring cargos 24 hours a day

Operational Software

WMS Warehouse Management System

  • Authorizes and synchronizes flows
  • Controls inventories
  • Receives dada via radio frequency and bar code collectors
  • Integrates data with the clients
  • Analyzes performance

TMS Transportation Management System

  • Manages fleets
  • Monitors trips 24 hours a day
  • Receives and forwards information via EDI
  • Integrates data with clients
  • Updates and manages risks
  • Analyze performance
  • Control GHG emission

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Stores, processes, organizes, and integrates information with all company´s departments.
  • Enables automation
  • Improves team productivity
  • Consolidates and standardizes processes
  • Provides visibility within the company

Opportunity Club:

Criado o “Clube de Oportunidades” -  trata-se de um grupo de compras coletivas, em que a Veloce reúne grandes montadoras de caminhões, fabricantes de autopeças e empresas de serviços para oferecer produtos em condições especiais às empresas de transporte de cargas e motoristas autônomos que nos prestam serviços. Com essa ação, houve uma efetiva redução da idade média da frota de caminhões de nossas operações.

Private Gas Stations:

Offers diesel with less pollutant and 3% more economic, for all its contracted transporters. Besides reducing the maintenance costs, its prices are differentiated.

Destaq Award:

Awarded to the best suppliers evaluated by Performance, Sustainability, and Quality criteria. The Destaq Award included all suppliers, which were evaluated in the following categories:

International Transportation;

International Transportation Driver;

Owner of International Transportation Collection;

National Transportation;

National Aggregated;

Administrative Services;

Operational Services;

Operational Products.

ABOL: Brazilian Logistics Operators Association
ABTI: Brazilian International Transporters Association
AMCHAM: American Chamber of Commerce
NTC: Brazilian National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics