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Diversity to offer the best solutions

Veloce Logística values the diversity among its collaborators, combining an experienced team in logistics with talented young people. The sum of the characteristics and distinct view allows us to offer solutions that are as innovative as effective.

Check the programs that assure the diversity in Veloce’s chart:

Inclusion Program for People with Disability

Veloce understands that no limitation is greater than our intellectual capacity. That is where our slogan “Infinite Possibilities”. Hence, we offer opportunities for people with disabilities, not due to legal obligations, but because we believe that together we overcome our limitations. Finding solutions is our business.

Young Apprentice Program

As we value experienced people, we remember that all of us need a first experience to learn and grow. Our doors are always open for young people between 14 and 24 years, who desire to have their first job. Our professionals are prepared to pass on what we know and also open to listen and assimilate what the new generations offer.

The Young Apprentice working hours have up to 6 hours per day, with approximately 600 hours of theoretical training.

Internship Program

We want to be an attractive company for future professionals from different areas. Hence, we annually perform the Internship Program, evaluating hundreds of university students and offering the best talents and opportunities to start here the carrier in their study specialty. We want to develop management capacities and prepare to dispute future leadership positions. We look for young people that share with us the desire to build an innovative company, which is a logistics reference in Brazil and in South America.

The Internship Program consists of learning the study specialization in practice, with guided development by experienced professionals.

Diversity of gender, race, and competences

We believe that the best results come from equality of opportunities between men and women from different generations, social origins, races, beliefs, formations, and professional and behavioral competences. Those diversities create our Infinite Possibilities.


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