National Transport

According to data from the CNT (National Confederation of Transport), the road modal corresponds to 60% of the matrix of freight transport in Brazil, where the category is formed by professionals who have, on average, 18 years of profession and over 44 years old.

This is the first significant reason to value the professionals that opt for the truck as a profession. After all, heavy vehicles are a fundamental part in the circulation efficient logistics of every type of goods in the Country. Without the trucks, Brazil would have difficulty maintaining the hospitals, markets, pharmacies, airports, gas station supplied as well as handling the flow of everything that is produced. And the life of Brazilians would be chaos.

At Veloce, we have modern software capable of optimizing routes and vehicle capacities in the most varied operations:


Fale Conosco

Transporte rodoviário de cargas entre Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguai e Uruguai.

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