Road Safety

Veloce Logistics has been on the market for more than 10 years and has always been committed to the safety and life quality of employees and/or service providers and consequently everyone around them.

Respect for life is our priority, so we do not condone and repudiate any irresponsible attitudes in traffic.

For this reason, we developed awareness campaigns of defensive driving and of precautions on the road and respect for life. We have some partners, institutions that systematically carry out training aiming road safety with all drivers. We respect Law 13.103 “driver’s law”, which regulates the itinerary and daily rest time on the road.

We understand that the caring for the service providers who transport our brand and our customers’ products is a fundamental part of a quality logistics service.

Through PPA, that means accident prevention program and that was develop by Veloce, we aim to engage our own drivers and the third-party ones with daily, weekly and monthly actions on ways to get a new mindset about safety.


Treinamento mensal contínuo em parceria com o SEST/SENAT;

PPA follows annual action plans, with follow-up indicators that serve as a basis for re-evaluation and planning of the next cycles. And we also developed the engagement of drivers through a bonus program, as a way of recognizing their efforts on the accident prevention. Using some criteria as below:

And also, in 2021, we will implement the Fatigue Sensor, that are cameras boarded in the vehicles, providing greater control and safety of the operation in order to ascertain responsibilities in accidents, freight deviations and drivers misconduct. Veloce is always vigilant and for this reason we carry out several events directed to the service providers and their families throughout the year in our units, prioritizing the professional valuation and the integration of their personal environment to their activities.


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