Social and Environmental

We are fully committed to the communities where we operate.
For years, we have developed actions that focus on preserving environmental resources, on stimulating educational and cultural campaigns, in order to reduce inequalities or ensure respect for diversity. And it was based on this belief that we created Corrente do Bem (Pay It Forward), whose proposal is to make our employees and society in general aware that good actions are built on the day by day.

In addition to the various projects and communities we support, Veloce, as a company of Groug Mitsui, is also part of da Fundação Mitsui Bussan do Brasil, which supports activities in the areas of Education, Environment and Bilateral Exchange between Japan and Brazil, in order to contribute to strengthening the friendship and developing partnerships between these two countries.

Get to know some of the supported entities:

We must always reflect on what is being our action to the world, on the message that we will leave as a legacy and on doing our part as a society.

Veloce has been in this transport sector for more than 10 years and has always been committed to the employees, service providers and consequently the people around them safety and quality of life. We understand that if each one of us build a little empathy for our neighbor the world will become a more pleasant and supportive place to live.


Fale Conosco

Transporte rodoviário de cargas entre Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguai e Uruguai.

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