Veloce has a Sustainability Management System (SMS) with the
objective of maintaining quality and operational excellence and
respect for the environment. It is one of the first logistics
operators in the country to register its inventory of greenhouse
gas emissions in the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program.
It also has ISO 9001 and environmental ISO 14001 certifications.

Here are some initiatives aimed at raising awareness and
acculturation of the company, partners and suppliers
regarding sustainability:

Environmental Policy

    • Seek continuous improvement of environmental performance and minimize significant environmental impacts.
    • Meet the legal and contractual requirements applicable to the environmental aspects of our business.
    • Engage employees, suppliers, partners and customers in the continuous search for environmental solutions.
    • Position ourselves in the face of climate change by managing environmental greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

CO2 emission inventory, registration and publication

As one of the first companies of the sector in the country to publicly record its greenhouse gas emissions inventory under the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program (the most widely used tool to measure and manage these emissions), Veloce has begun its journey towards improving its statistics and survey of corresponding data.

Motorization Technology

New engines with technology appropriate to current legislation

Fuel with lower CO2 content and higher efficiency

Own gas station implementation, offering 3% cheaper diesel with less pollutants. These are different prices for contracted carriers, as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Vehicle Inspection

Trucks have their smoke controlled annually by an opacimeter test, which measures the level of pollutants emitted by the vehicle. Approved vehicles must comply with the emissions established by the manufacturers and / or in accordance with the levels of Resolution 418/ 2009 of the National Environmental Council (CONAMA).
Thus, there is an increase in the accuracy of the controls for the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and their reduction in operations, also contributing to clean the production chain of customers.

Partner carriers with Green Seal-certified vehicles earn extra points for the Destaq Award, which acknowledges Veloce’s best suppliers.Daily sample surveys are also carried out to prevent traffic from vehicles that do not comply with acceptable CO2 emission standards.

Optimization of natural resource use

Installation of an effluent treatment plant for the reuse of water in the truck washer.
Using reuse water, as well as from rain, we reduce the consumption of treated water to clean each vehicle from 660 liters to 140 liters on average.