Recognizing that the competitiveness of our customers depends on how we operate and organize our logistics, ensuring quality of service is a key issue for Veloce.

Our team of professionals with great experience and technical expertise develops logistics solutions within the most varied levels of complexity, always individually, according to the operational processes of each customer.

Using state-of-the-art technology and tools, as well as proprietary solutions developed over the years, we perform complete mapping of logistical needs, which is the basis of our projects. Specialized software for routing, cargo optimization and toll management are combined with our deployment methodology and activity monitoring. In this way Veloce is able to develop and deploy logistics solutions that optimize and reduce costs without disruption to customer operations.

Additionally, through clear indicators managed by our customized ERP platform, Veloce works on continuous improvement process with the customer, with the constant application of PDCA cycle and Kaizen / Kadai processes.

TMS System

Veloce's proprietary 100% virtual cloud-based system, which has the most innovative features on the market, ensures flexibility and adherence to any customer or operation, meeting processes related to FTL – Full Truck Load, Milk run, inbound and outbound with web access and visualization for customers and suppliers.


• Automatic routing
• Documents and contracts issuance
• Rate calculation
• Route and cargo tracking
• Payment control