Who we are

Who we are

About Veloce

We are a Logistics Operator focused on the development of value-added solutions for various sectors of the economy, with tailor-made projects to offer process optimization and cost reduction to each customer, leading to efficiency and to increased competitiveness for its customers.

The Company, that was founded in August 2009 and is managed by Mitsui Group & Co since December 2011, has a modern operating structure in Brazil and in Argentina with expertise in systems, advanced operational processes and great capacity to continue investing in the expansion of its operations. Focusing on the automotive, cosmetic, food and personal hygiene sectors, Veloce was born with clearly defined mission, vision and values.

Who we are

About Veloce


Provide appropriate logistics solutions to customers and render services that include continuous improvement, innovation, ethics and sustainability.


To be the most admired Brazilian company in the logistics sector, through long-term relationships with customers who seek operational excellence and competitive advantage.


Ethics, Innovation, Efficiency, Meritocracy and Sustainability.

Having good partners is increasingly essential in the corporate world. Veloce has great names in the field, such as

Operational and administrative experience, innovation and great investment capacity to execute logistics operations that meet your needs.


Fale Conosco

Transporte rodoviário de cargas entre Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguai e Uruguai.

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